The Many Benefits of Pirouette®️ Shades

The Many Benefits of Pirouette®️ Shades Near Durham, North Carolina (NC) like Sun and Light Control

A Shade Made for the Sun

In North Carolina, we are fortunate to have many days throughout the year filled with brilliant sunshine. But the sunshine entering our rooms brings us heat, glare, and damaging UV rays. Traditional shades and blinds might provide some sun control. But Hunter Douglas Pirouette® Shades transform the sun into a gorgeous glow that spreads throughout your rooms thanks to its light-filtering design. Even on the brightest days, these shades will ensure that you enjoy soft, natural lighting in any room with less sun damage. The horizontal fabric vanes featured in Pirouette® Shades allow you to achieve a wide range of light control options. This means you can achieve your lighting goals at any time of day. That is just one of the many benefits of Pirouette® Shades!

Protects Against Harsh UV Rays

No matter what season we enter, the sun constantly emits dangerous UV rays. The interiors of your home react quite similarly to your skin when it comes to excessive sun exposure. Both will be damaged over time. Carpeting, hardwood flooring, furnishings, artwork, and upholstery items all risk sun damage if exposed to harmful UV rays for too long. Does this mean you have to install heavy, blackout draperies all over your house? Absolutely not! But it makes selecting the right window coverings that much more important. Fortunately, UV protection is one of the many benefits of Pirouette® Shades. As soon as the Pirouette®️ Shades are installed, the fabrics actively filter out the harmful UV rays while still allowing your rooms to enjoy natural light. With the fabric vanes in the open position, Pirouette® Shades block up to 81% of UV rays entering your rooms. And with the fabric vanes in the closed position, up to 99% of the UV rays are blocked from entering your rooms. Pirouette® Shades will keep your floors, furnishings, and artwork looking new for years to come.

Select the PowerView motorized control option for your Pirouette®️ Shades. When connected to the WiFi in your home, you can easily program your shades to have the vanes opened and closed to protect your rooms when the sunlight is the most damaging.

Custom Styles

In addition to working hard and protecting your home, one of the other many benefits of Pirouette® Shades is that they will compliment any decor theme. Pirouette® Shades are often described as updated, soft shutters for windows. Pirouette® Shades are available in both semi-opaque and room-darkening fabrics to give you custom light and shading options. Pirouette® Shades are offered in a wide variety of up to date colors. Make your shades pop by selecting the beautiful Guava color or the organic-looking Spring color. Wanting a more neutral tone? No problem! Pirouette® Shades also come in gorgeous neutral colors like Silver Tower, Mica, Angora, and more. No matter your design goals, Pirouette® is ready to satisfy.


Pirouette®️ Shades give you peace of mind when protecting the rooms in your home from harmful UV rays. To learn more about the many benefits of the Pirouette®️ Shades, be sure to contact us at Sew Fine II today! You can email us at or call us at 919-806-3638. We offer virtual appointments as well!

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