Finding Window Treatments for Humid Areas of Homes in Raleigh, NC

Finding Window Treatments for the Humid Areas of Homes in Raleigh, North Carolina (NC) like Palm Beach

In this article, Sew Fine II Interiors – with a showroom conveniently located in Durham, North Carolina (NC) – is here to tell you about window treatments that will work well in the humid areas of your home, like your kitchen and bathrooms. We proudly offer Hunter Douglas window treatments.

Window treatments can make or break your home in terms of both appearance and how they function in your space. Although you may believe that the only basis for choosing a window treatment is how they will look against your other decor, there are other factors that can influence your choice of window treatment. It is important to consider what you are looking for in a blind or shade and the effects that your particular environment might have on this product. For example, if you have small children or pets then you may want to consider getting a cordless window treatment. Even the temperature in your home can influence your decision when choosing a window treatment.

Humidity can do more damage on window treatments than the normal wear and tear. Most styles of window treatments are not composed of materials meant to withstand extreme temperatures or a moister climate. Hunter Douglas has created a shutter designed specifically for homes that are exposed to humid climates. The Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutter is coated with a compound that is UV-resistant. This compound prevents fading or warping that can come from intense exposure to the sun that often comes with more humid areas. These shutters come with a guarantee that they will not crack, peel, or become discolored as easily as comparable products because they are designed for specific environments.

A similar product to the Palm Beach™ Shutter is another product from Hunter Douglas: the EverWood® collection. The EverWood® Alternative Wood Blinds combine the beauty of a traditional wooden blind with the durability of modern materials. The rooms that receive the most sunlight or often are exposed to more humid temperatures tend to be the sunrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Therefore, these blinds would still provide a decorative component to these rooms while still resisting fading, yellowing, or other damage.

These blinds are available in a variety of TruGrain finishes that come in multiple colors and textures. Both of these options from Hunter Douglas can work in coordination with the smart operating systems that give you more control of your window treatments. With these systems, you can actually schedule the positioning of your window treatments and create scenes to take place at certain times and days. You can get the best of both worlds by choosing a blind that resists humid temperatures and put you in control.

Even if you are looking for a fabric to incorporate into your window treatment that may have a fun texture or be a bold pattern, Hunter Douglas has created fabrics that are durable and still soft upon touching them. These performance fabrics have been crafted to be resistant to the same damage as the Palm Beach™ Shutters or the EverWood® blinds. These fabrics serve to change the perception of traditional textiles because they are beautiful while still being resistant to humidity.

When choosing a bathroom window treatment or a kitchen window treatment, it is crucial to consider your environment to ensure that you find the blind or shade perfect for your home. For more information about what window treatment will work in your home, come see us at Sew Fine II Interiors. We are located in Durham, North Carolina and serve the surrounding areas including Cary, Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, & Raleigh.

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