Custom Hunter Douglas Window Treatments



Natural light is known to help increase productivity, elevate your mood and even improve your health. In many ways, nature's light can also beautifully enhance your home's interiors.

Innovative window treatment designs by Hunter Douglas transform the natural light in your home to create the perfect ambiance, whatever the moment.


Buying décor for your home at large home accessory chains can be frustrating. Our homes mean a lot to us and reflect who we are, so we often have very specific things in mind for every aspect of the spaces we live in. Why waste money on something that doesn’t 100% suit your taste when you can just have your window treatments custom made? At Sew Fine II in Durham, North Carolina, we want to help you make the home you’ve always dreamed of a reality, and a great way to either start or finish that process is with custom Hunter Douglas window treatments.

Sheers & Shadings

If you want respite from the sun, but still want to welcome its rays into your home, sheers are a great option for you. Made out of semi-translucent fabric, sheers diffuse sunlight rather than blocking it, allowing a soft, dappled amount of light into your home, while also providing privacy without obstructing views to the outside.

Cellular Shades

Are your energy bills costing you an arm and a leg? One small home improvement change can help you with that, and it probably isn’t what you think. Hunter Douglas cellular or honeycomb shades have a unique design that leaves hollow pockets, or cells, between pieces of fabric that actually trap air within them. Because of this, cellular shades provide an additional layer of insulation to your home, keeping the warm or cool air that you desire where it’s supposed to be, and saving you money on your energy bill in the process. They also come in a variety of fabrics, patterns, and opacity levels, and so also provide a stylish and efficient dressing to your windows.

Roman Shades

Hunter Douglas roman shades are made of soft folds of fabric, and provide a dramatic, timeless touch to any space. You can get roman shades in a wide spectrum of colors, textures, and designs, including cellular, so that your roman shades can work with any room in your home flawlessly.

Roller Shades

Combining retro aesthetics with contemporary ease, roller shades are simple to maintain, use, and decorate. Comprised of a single piece of fabric attached to a roller, to adjust your roller shades, you simply roll them up and then you are good to go. They have a clean simplicity to them that works just as well in a traditional-styled home as a sleek modern house, and provide a wide array of light-diffusing capabilities.

Woven Wood Shades

If you are environmentally conscious or simply love the aesthetics of the natural world, then Hunter Douglas woven wood shades might be the perfect option for you. Rather than being made of fabric, plastic, or wood, woven wood shades are made out of sustainably sourced natural materials, such as wood, grasses, and reeds. On top of being a beautiful addition to any home, they also softly diffuse light over any window where they are placed.


Nothing says elegance, particularly here in the South, like old-fashioned plantation shutters. Made out of adjustable slats of wood, a combination of wood and hybrid materials, or Hunter Douglas’s patented Polysatin™ material, shutters bring a look of old-school luxury to any home. If authentic wood is out of your price range, or you don’t want to handle the upkeep, Polysatin™ is UV resistant, and guaranteed not to crack, fade, or warp over time. With all of these options, there is a set of Hunter Douglas shutters perfect for any homeowner.

Vertical Blinds

Nothing is more “in” right now in terms of home architecture than open floorplans and large, wall-filling windows. While these are beautiful, they can be difficult to style and provide an issue for homeowners desiring a greater degree of privacy. If you find yourself in this situation, Hunter Douglas has you covered with their versatile vertical blinds. Made of hanging vanes of fabric, vertical blinds slide across your window, and so make a great choice for large windows, sliding doors, or even to be used as room dividers.

Horizontal Blinds

There’s a reason that horizontal blinds are usually the first thing people think of when they think about blinds. Versatile, easy to use, and easy to style, it is likely that if you have a window, you can get the horizontal blinds to fit it. Made of horizontal pieces of various materials, ranging from wood to alternative wood materials and metals, horizontal blinds can be easily adjusted to change the amount of light let into a space, and can also be made to match almost any décor.
Whatever your window treatment needs, Sew Fine II in Durham, North Carolina has you covered. Come see us today in our showroom to begin choosing the perfect custom Hunter Douglas window treatments for you. Not in Durham? That’s okay, we also proudly serve the surrounding area, including Pittsboro, Raleigh, Cary, and Chapel Hill. Contact us today!

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