Choosing the Right Area Rugs for Homes

Choosing the Right Area Rugs for Homes Near Cary, North Carolina (NC), Including Size and Shape

Here at Sew Fine II, we love helping our clients add pops of color into their home. Whether that be through bold window treatments, colorful walls, or vibrant area rugs, we are here to help you design a home that showcases your unique personality. One of the best ways to add a touch of personality to a space is by adding an area rug. If you’re wanting to transform an area from traditional to modern or classic to contemporary, a rug is a great, inexpensive way to do it. We know when it comes to choosing the right area rugs for homes, there are countless options out there, so, below we’ve listed out some principle guidelines to help you choose the perfect rug for your home.

Whenever you’re designing a space, if you have no idea where to start, start with accent pieces. There are many designers who say that an area rug is a great piece to base a room’s design on. From a rug, you can choose colors for your walls, accent pillows, and statement painting pieces. Think about the colors you already have and the colors you would like to add. The color of your rug can set the mood of your room. If you already have furniture and are trying to find a rug to match, you can either choose a rug that stands out or blends in. If you have bold or patterned furniture, you want to choose a rug that is more neutral. However, if you have neutral furniture, a statement rug with bold colors will liven up your room.

A common mistake that homeowners make when designing a space is choosing an area rug that is too small. For most rooms, the general rule of thumb is that there should be somewhere between 10-20 inches of floor visible from the edge of the rug to the walls of the room. And in almost all cases, you want your rug to be in the center of the room and under a light fixture.

These are overall guidelines but to optimize your space, let’s talk about specific examples that might pertain to you. If you want a rug for entryways or hallways, the width of your area rug should match the door frame or be just a few inches smaller. For hallways, you want long rugs to stretch out the space and create balance. And if you have any furniture such as a small desk or chair in the hallway, aim to keep it off the rug.

For your home office, you want an area rug that fits your desk and chair. This prevents you from tripping or your chair dragging. In your dining room, you want to match the shape of your rug with your furniture. This means pairing round table with round rugs and square rugs with square tables. And lastly, if you’re trying to decorate a small space, consider a rug with bold patterns to make your room feel bigger.

Area rugs are a perfect way to add character to your home! If you would like to discuss options for your home, give us a call or stop by our showroom today! We are conveniently located in Durham, NC and would love to help you in deciding which rug would best suit your home. We proudly serve the surrounding areas of Cary, Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, & Raleigh, NC.

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