Styles of Kitchen Shades for Homes

Here at Sew Fine II, we are committed to serving our clients the best window treatment products in the industry. With years of experience behind us, we know what makes a kitchen stand out from the rest. The effects of not having good window treatments in your home can be seen in high energy bills […]

Window Treatments for Specialty Home Windows

Unique windows add so much character to a home. They create a living space that cannot be matched with “ready made” window coverings. The challenge is how to find the right design for your windows. Some rooms need light to enter, some rooms need less light. Some rooms need glare control, and others need complete […]

Blackout Shades can Make Homes More Comfortable

In this article, Sew Fine II Interiors – conveniently located in Durham, North Carolina (NC) – is here to provide you with information on the ways blackout shades can make homes more comfortable, so you can decide if they will work in your home. You may think that having just a little light in your […]