Adding Silhouette Window Shadings to Homes

Adding Silhouette Window Shadings to Homes Near Durham, North Carolina (NC) for Bathroom Light Control

For Windows that Glow

Photographers know that getting the best look is highly dependent on correct lighting. This is often achieved with the right equipment. In a way, your home is no different! For example, if you do not have the right shades in your windows, your home can be filled with too little or too much light. That is why Hunter Douglas created a beautiful line of window shadings that help capture and transform harsh rays into the perfect amount of filtered light for your home. In fact, Hunter Douglas Silhouette®️ Window Shadings have been the leaders in light transformation for over 25 years! This means your home will be filled with beautifully filtered sunlight that glows around your window. Light control is just one of the many reasons why adding Silhouette®️ Window Shadings to homes is a fantastic idea.

An Ethereal Look

In addition to working hard, Silhouette®️ Window Shadings also look fantastic. The beautifully crafted shades boast soft, s-shaped vanes that are easily adjustable and appear to be floating between the two sheer fabrics of the shade. This creates adds a heavenly look to any window. Plus, with a variety of fun and neutral colors, our Silhouette®️ Window Shadings can match perfectly with your home’s current decor! Choose from charming colors like Pesto and Capri or the more neutral colors like Cathedral and Almond Crepe to achieve your best look. Adding Silhouette®️ Window Shadings to homes is the perfect way to enjoy gorgeous sunlight and gorgeous fabrics each time you walk into a room. Plus, you are sure to get compliments from any friends visiting your home!

Easy Operation

No one likes to battle their shades to achieve the perfect amount of shade or sunlight. Luckily, adding Silhouette®️ Window Shadings to homes means you are adding a shade that operates effortlessly. Simply tilt the shade’s vanes to achieve your optimal level of sunlight or tilt them the other way to enjoy shade and UV protection even on the brightest days. It is that easy! With Silhouette®️ Window Shadings, you can stop dealing with the hassle that comes with other window treatments and start enjoying the benefits that Hunter Douglas shades have to offer.


From summer to winter, the sun never stops shining. Fortunately, Silhouette®️ Window Shadings are here to make sure your living space has a beautiful glow all year long. Enjoy beautifully filtered light, UV protection, and easy operation in any room when you purchase Hunter Douglas Silhouette®️ Window Shadings. To learn more about adding Silhouette®️ Window Shadings to homes, be sure to contact or visit us at Sew Fine II today! We cannot wait to help you achieve your window treatment and design goals.

Sew Fine II is located in Durham, North Carolina, and proudly serves the surrounding areas of Cary, Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, and Raleigh, North Carolina.


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